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Dr.  Jonathan Turley
May 16, 2008

Muslim Link, May 23rd Issue

Due to the classified status of the case, I have been limited in what I can report about the progress in the case of Dr. Ali Al-Timimi. However, today’s hearing was public and thus some additional information can be disclosed.

Today was a very positive day for the defense. We have been trying for two years (since a remand from the Fourth Circuit) to gain access to material that we believe was withheld by the government during the trial. This material includes interceptions and other forms of evidence conducted under national security programs. In November, Judge Leonie Brinkema threatened to order a new trial for Dr. Al-Timimi in light of the government’s refusal to give me, as lead counsel, access to ex parte material.


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by Shaykh Salman Oadah

Impartiality is a value, and it is a noble one. It exists in a spirit of objectivity and a love of knowledge, which despises prejudice towards any position or party.

Our pious predecessors expressed their impartiality with the simple phrase: “I don’t know.” They used to say: “Half of knowledge is to recognize that you do not know something.” They also said: “Whoever refuses to admit that he does not know, that person will soon be disgraced.”

Another way of expressing one’s neutrality and impartiality on an issue is to say: “Allah knows best.” This is more eloquent, since it comes with the added meaning of affirming Allah’s knowledge of all things.

Scholars of Islamic legal theory refer to this neutrality as suspension of judgment (tawaqquf). This is a specific scholarly position towards a matter of Islamic faith or Islamic Law, where the scholar determines the evidence to be equally weighted towards two variant rulings.

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As a person who tries to follow politics every once in a while, I was shocked to read that Senator Edward ‘Ted’ Kennedy of Massachussettes was diagnosed this morning with a malignant glioma– cancerous tumor in his brain.  At the age of 76 the doctors are saying that it is the absolute worst type of cancer that can affect the brain and a chief nuerosurgeon said that he probably has less than a year to live.

Although I disagree with him on a number of policy issues, it is truly saddening to see anyone have to go through something so difficult.  As Muslims, we have to remember that sickness and health are in the Hands of Allah and we never know when we will be afflicted by one or the other.

It is for this reason that the Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam) said: “Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: your youth, before you become old; and your health, before you fall sick; and your richness, before you become poor; and your free time before you become busy; and your life, before your death”

May Allah make us all amongst those who take advantage of our youth, health, wealth, time, and life and may Allah guide Senator Kennedy and us all to true submission (Islam!). Ameen.

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IIASA Update

Ok so nothing really new here, but a few more details as to exactly whats going on:

After salaatul jumuah this past Friday I spoke with some of the admin at the ma’had.  They explained that come June 1, the ma’had will be closed for renovations and that the goal is to eventually turn it into a saudi cultural center/consulate.  He confirmed that salaatul jumuah/tarawih will be discontinued in that facility as well.  This also closes the door on the possibility of it returning back to the institute it once was, with classes everyday on a variety of subjects ranging from fiqh to arabic. 

Now the good news: it looks like Shaykh Adam (leads taraweeh at the ma’had) is organizing a salaatul jumuah location at a hotel nearby the ma’had.  The goal is to also use that hotel location for tarawih in the month of Ramadan, insha’Allah. 

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Awesome piece in today’s Washington Post by Robert Samuelson entitled “Truth Serum on Trial.”

It’s pretty much a small op-ed about what politicians would say if they had to be honest with the American people. It’s kinda funny, especially his ‘honest speech’ that he gives as an example of what a truthful candidate would have to say. I’ve pasted a short excerpt and the link for the remainder of it below. Enjoy:

“Fellow Americans, I know you worry about the economy. So do I. But, frankly, if you elect me, I won’t do much about it. It’s a $14 trillion economy. Every three months, 7 million Americans change jobs. Presidents aren’t powerful enough to steer this colossus. Sure, we can pass ‘stimulus’ programs, but if we overdo it — as we did in the 1970s — we will make the economy worse. Believe me, presidents would prevent recessions if they could.

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Masha’Allah Br. Rizwan Jaka of the ADAMS Center and his family were featured on the cover page of the Business section in the Washington Post. It was a really nice article concerning Shariah-Compliant financing and how many of the Islamic Lending companies have avoided the mortgage crisis and have actually seen growth while other lenders are seeing massive declines.

I have pasted an excerpt below along with the link to the rest of the article for anyone else who’s interested:

The mortgage industry may be in meltdown, but at least one class of lender appears to be flourishing: Islamic finance companies that offer Muslim home buyers alternative arrangements such as lease-to-own deals so they can avoid making the sort of interest payments that many believe their religion forbids.

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A few hours ago at the masjid I was informed that IIASA, known commonly as the mahad to many, will be closing down permanently come June 1.  Although no specific reasons have been cited for this decision, I think many people saw this coming as there was no real use for a facility of its magnitude solely for salaatul jumuah and Ramadan.


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