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Interesting piece….enjoy 🙂

Quote from the article:

Shaykh Aidh Al-Qarni said there was much to be learned from the countries of the West. “Please, let us stop cursing and insulting them and wishing them bad, and let us preoccupy ourselves with reforming ourselves, improving our level, promoting our universities, cleaning our environment, building our land, and rectifying our mistakes.”

source: http://arabnews.com/saudiarabia/article54754.ece


Published: May 17, 2010 23:48 Updated: May 17, 2010 23:48

US more in alignment with Islamic values than many Muslim states: Al-Qarni

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I wonder how this turned out…..

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I am sure that if Islam is properly explained to people in the West, then many of them would come to its fold, and many others would be influenced by many of its teachings, even if they did not embrace it. I therefore consider it the duty of Muslims living in this country, whether they be natives or immigrants, to do their best to present Islam to their fellow Americans, laying more emphasis on the fundamentals of the faith, and on moral values.

No book gives a more complete and perfect account of the Creator and the way He should be served than the Qur’an. Other religious and philosophical descriptions and conceptions of the Creator and of people’s relations to Him do not at all compare with the Qur’anic account. I am therefore positive that many people will recognize this Qur’anic account of the Creator as the most appropriate, once they come to know it.

It is also the duty of Muslims in the West to cooperate with non Muslims in promoting any form of good, and fighting any form of evil, especially drugs. We should remember that the goal of our religion, and indeed of all authentic Divine messages, is to increase good and diminish evil in the world. I urge you to remember that our primary aim is to guide and reform, and not to destroy. Urging Muslims to spread the faith, the Prophet said, “By God, if through you God guides a single person, then that is better for you than the best of worldly wealth.” – Dr. Jaafar Idris, The Future of Islam in America

May God help us and guide us to the right path.

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