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A much needed reminder:

Part of a lecture from Sheikh Saalih Al-Maghams, Imam of Masjid Quba in Medina.

Translated by youtube user “beautifulpatience”
Embedded from youtube user Allibadah2Allah


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Effective last Monday, France’s ban on publicly wearing niqab went into full effect, with violators liable to fines of 216 dollars. The legislation was met with a protest Monday morning, as several women stood in front of Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral donning niqab’s. The protest, at least from what I can gather, appeared small in scope and was swiftly brought to a halt as French police detained two women for taking part in what was designated an “unauthorized protest.” Reports continued to be released Tuesday that more people had taken to the streets in protest, with a number of women donning niqab’s in solidarity.

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