At the most basic level I can be defined in the following way. I believe that there is only One God, and that we are on this earth to worship Him and Him alone; I believe that God sent many Prophets and Messengers (including Jesus and Moses) [upon them all be Peace] to guide and warn us; I believe that the last Prophet God sent was the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings be Upon Him); and I believe that there is no greater truth than the truth embodied by religion, and that there is no religion more complete or authentic in documenting that truth than the religion of Islam. Because of my beliefs, I seek the truth and try to speak only the truth; I recognize that I have weaknesses and flaws, but I love to improve and appreciate all "well intended" criticism or advice; and I appreciate "good people," because I know how difficult it is to find them, and I've seen how their sincerity and faith can influence others. I also like to see people happy! I ask Allah to guide us so that what we are tomorrow will always be an improvement upon what what we are today. Allahumma Ihdeena A'serat Al Mustaqeem --O God, guide us to the straight path.

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