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May Allah have mercy on him and forgive him his sins.  Ameen.


LAHORE: The veteran religious scholar Dr. Israr Ahmed has passed away here at his residence early on Wednesday morning, Geo news reported.

According to family sources, he was suffering from back-pain and heart disorders for long time.

His funeral prayer will be said at Khalid Market Ground on Wednesday, sources said.


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by Mobeen Vaid

Sunday, February 21st, 2010- Global Deaf Muslim (GDM), in conjunction with the ADAMS Center, held its annual fundraiser at the ADAMS Center last Sunday.  A crowd of approximately 250 people filed in to hear and watch a night spent raising awareness and funds for Global Deaf Muslim, an organization dedicated to providing services and support for deaf and hard-of-hearing Muslims around the world.

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Swiss antagonist of minarets embraces Islam

RENOWNED Swiss politician Daniel Streich, who rose to fame for his campaign against minarets of mosques, has embraced Islam.
A member of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) and a well-known politician, Daniel Streich was the first man who had launched a drive for imposition of ban on mosques minarets, and to lock the mosques in Switzerland. The proclamation of Streich’s conversion to Islam has created furore in Swiss politics, besides causing a tremor for those who supported ban on construction of mosques minarets.

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2010As families come together over the holidays, the victims of domestic abuse are often sequestered in shelters — a situation that’s especially difficult for Muslim women, because few facilities meet their cultural and religious needs.

At one home for Muslim women in Baltimore, women from different backgrounds recently gathered in the kitchen to prepare dinner together. Oil splattered on the stove, and Asma Hanif, the woman who runs the center, joked that the night’s dinner would be the end of her.

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JD Salinger, author of The Catcher in the Rye, passed away two days ago at the age of 91.  I first read ‘The Catcher’ when I was 15; our family was spending the evening at my grandparents house, and since my grandfather was a professor, his house was (and continues to be) littered with textbooks throughout the house.  When shuffling through boxes trying to find something to read, I came across The Catcher in the Rye, and decided to pass time by reading a few pages.  In a matter of minutes, I was drawn in and it stands today as one of my favorite books that I’ve ever read.

NPR has been providing some really good coverage of his life yesterday and today, and the following article is one that I found to be an interesting read as it speaks about Salinger and his life…


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Howard Zinn, an author, teacher and political activist whose leftist “A People’s History of the United States” became a million-selling alternative to mainstream texts and a favorite of such celebrities as Bruce Springsteen and Ben Affleck, died Wednesday. He was 87.

Zinn died of a heart attack in Santa Monica, Calif., daughter Myla Kabat-Zinn said. The historian was a resident of Auburndale, Mass.  Full story at the following link:


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Haitians are in desperate need for support after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake rocked their island nation on Tuesday.

An estimated 3 million people were affected by the quake, which was the worst in the region in 200 years.

“More than 100,000 are dead,” the Haitian Consul General to the United Nations, Felix Augustin, estimated on Wednesday.

Islamic Relief USA has launched a $1 million appeal to help the victims. Please donate today to help them survive and rebuild their lives.

In addition, Islamic Relief USA is working with partners to ship urgently-needed aid to relieve the suffering.

An untold number of people are still trapped under rubble, as every part of Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capitol, was either damaged or destroyed. Homes, schools, hospitals, even the National Palace where the president resides, were all destroyed.

Injured children that lost contact with their parents are taking refuge in collapsed buildings and under debris, as aftershocks continue to rattle the small island.

Victims are in desperate need for food, water, shelter and medicine, especially since Haiti’s infrastructure is already very modest and has now been brought to its knees by the quake.
Haiti is the poorest country in the Western hemisphere, and is also one of the most densely populated and least developed. Nearly 80 percent of Haiti’s 9 million people live in poverty.
Please help the victims and donate to Islamic Relief’s Emergency fund today.

Donate Now

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