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A much needed reminder:

Part of a lecture from Sheikh Saalih Al-Maghams, Imam of Masjid Quba in Medina.

Translated by youtube user “beautifulpatience”
Embedded from youtube user Allibadah2Allah


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Over the course of the past week, two notable figures in Rahm Emanuel and Rush Limbaugh made headlines for their usage of the word ‘retarded’ when attempting to denigrate congressional democrats.  Rahm Emanuel has since apologized for his statement, and has avowed to remove that word from his vocabulary and was amongst the first signatories on the r-word.com, an online pledge campaign dedicated to eradicating the r-word from societies vernacular. Last I checked, over 50,000 people had signed on and the goal is to get 100,000.

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This winter is bringing us some of the heaviest snow we’ve seen in a looooooong time.  Take advantage of this time to do something new or different with your families.  Here’s a list of 13 activities for Muslim families to do on a snow day:

  1. Read Qur’an with translation
  2. Open a book about the Seerah and learn about the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)
  3. Discuss modern day issues with your children from an Islamic perspective
  4. Take out some boardgames and play
  5. Prepare a batch of cookies or bake a cake for your family and your neighbors (more…)

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Jinn Fear the Believers Most


Yaa Shaykh may Allaah Preserve you. Is it true that the jinn/shayateen are repulsed by frankincense (bakhoor) and the angels are attracted to it? Do angels accompany cats and do jinns occupy vacant places and if a person moves into a house that has been vacant for a period of time are there any procedures that the Muslims should take to free the house of jinns/shayateen?
Answered by: Shaykh Muhammad al-Maliki (more…)

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This evening, as I “dutifully”* folded a few items of clothing, a thought occurred to me.  The topic: in Islam, a married woman keeps her maiden name.  On the surface that seems simple, but symbolically there is so much more to a name than mere letters scribbled on a sheet of paper.  A name is an identity.  It is the right to stay a “Ms. Jones” instead of becoming a “Mrs. Smith”; to wear a green apron even if the other Mrs. Smiths wear purple aprons; to have pierced ears even if the other Mrs. Smiths only pierce their eyebrows; to cook brownies like your mom (from a box) even if all the other Mrs. Smiths bake their brownies from scratch and put butterscotch pieces in them!  SubhanAllah, it’s a protection of our individual identity that is rarely afforded in contemporary society (whatever religious tradition you label “contemporary society” with).  Admittedly, there is something to be said about the virtues of pleasing one’s husband in Islam, but even in that very regard we (Muslim women) still keep our names (our INDIVIDUAL identities), and subhanAllah there’s more freedom in that than one can truly account for!

* Dutifully was not placed in quotes to signify sarcasm; the quotes were intended to play off traditional stereotypes–and for the record, the clothes were almost all my own, so it really was a necessary duty that had to be done.

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From Jubair bin Nufair who said that he heard Abu ad-Dardaa, while he was at the end of his prayer, having finished the tashahhud, seeking refuge in Allaah from nifaaq (hypocrisy), and he exceeded in seeking refuge from it.  So Jubair said: And what is it with you O Abu ad-Dardaa, and with nifaaq?  So he said: Leave us alone, leave us alone.  For by Allaah, a man turns away from his deen in just a single hour, and so he becomes totally devoid of it (i.e. loses it altogether).” (Siyar A’laam in-Nubulaa 2/383 and ad-Dhahabee said “Its Isnaad is Saheeh”.).

Quoted from “Imaan Builder 4: The Observance of Sincerity in One’s Speech and Action,” accessible via SalafiPublications.com, and Allah knows best.

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Are we trustworthy?

From Abdullaah bin Mas’ood who said that he heard the Messenger of Allaah (sallahAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) say, “This knowledge will be inherited by the trustworthy ones of each generation.”


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